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Marry in a romantic castle

La Fragne provides the most perfect setting for an intimate family wedding. Recognizing this, we have a specialist division running this aspect of the Chateau.

We will guide couples through all necessary arrangements to ensure a happy, special, romantic and unforgettable day. As a testament to the success of this side of our business, many couples who celebrated their wedding with us now return each year for their anniversaries.

To make the engaged couple’s life as easy as possible, we have developed an all-inclusive wedding package. There are 5 things the couple has to do by themselves:

1.   He or she should be asked

2.  Arrange for your official paperwork

3.  Organize the dress and formal wear as well as the rings

4.  Send the invitations

5.  Get in the car and drive to La Fragne!

When you choose to get married at our Chateau, the house will be the perfect setting to accommodate you and your dearest family and friends for at least 3 days.

Trouwen in Frankrijk
Trouwen in Frankrijk
Trouwen in Frankrijk

Why Chateau La Fragne

Chateau La Fragne is a very special place. The moment you set foot in the house, you feel embraced by warmth, happiness and peace. This is exactly what we felt when we bought the house and still a beautiful compliment we often receive from new guests who visit us. When you pick a location for such an important occasion in your life as your wedding, the feeling of the accommodation must be right! We always invite the couple to come and visit us first and let them experience this feeling. Another important thing is the connection between you and us, the ones entrusted with the organization of your special day. You need to have confidence in us and we need to have a good feeling with you! Only in this way can we go above and beyond to make your wedding a day to remember!

Trouwen in Frankrijk
Trouwen in Frankrijk
Trouwen in Frankrijk

The ceremony

Since you are required to have a house and a bank account to be able to legally marry in France we offer you our house! (Sorry, not the bank account…!) Since we began our 3 day all-inclusive Weddings, our wedding couples have never had an issue with this finer detail. In their home countries they went to a celebrant to have the legal arrangements made and came to us to fully create the romantic side of their celebration. The date on the rings has always been the “La Fragne date”. We have our very own (unofficial) La Fragne celebrant and she is a wonderfully creative and attentive woman named Rose.  She supplies the wedding couple with a questionnaire to get to know the couple a bit better; then liaises with them to find out more about their needs and desires in order to create a very personal ceremony and speech.  The ceremony will be held in one of the Chateau gardens under 2 magnificent tea trees, with little white chairs dressed in white skirts for the family and friends and a beautiful Phillipe Starck designed white couch for the couple.

Trouwen in een kasteel
Trouwen in een kasteel
Trouwen in een kasteel
Prijs kwaliteit

Value for money

The “All Inclusive Wedding Package” says it all. ALL INCLUSIVE! No additional surprise bills before departure, no spontaneous heart attacks because Uncle Phil secretly drank whiskey which was not included in the agreed bar. No stresses or worries, instead just our team delivering above and beyond your expectations. From the moment a couple makes their decision to let La Fragne take care of the most special days of their lives, the fun and excitement begins! We keep regular contact by email and phone between the La Fragne wedding team and the couple; and together we experience the excitement of the coming date! The wedding team will guide the couple as only years of experience can. Tips, advice, organizing special surprises, making sure that the couple fully enjoys all the time and anticipation leading up to their celebration. Our service goes above and beyond by not only delivering the agreed program but making every effort to ensure the couple and their guests are completely happy. Taking care of grandma, keeping an eye on the little one having a nap in the Hunt room, ironing the shirt of the groom and sitting with the bride while her hair and make-up is being done to make her feel comfortable and assure her she looks absolutely stunning! (Which bride doesn’t?!)

Trouwlokatie Frankrijk
Trouwlokatie Frankrijk
Trouwlokatie Frankrijk

All Inclusive Wedding Package

After years of organizing weddings, we have fine-tuned and mastered this concept. We are very proud to say that this package is an absolute HIT! The couple has absolutely nothing to worry about, perhaps even less stress than if they married in their own country! La Fragne is taking care of everything: The hotel, catering, music, ceremony, wedding bouquet, hair styling and make-up, wedding cake (French), professional photography, a million romantic touches and a million more beautiful memories! We work with extremely experienced and artistic people and are completely confident of having you in their capable hands. There a just 5 things the couple has to do themselves: (is this a repeat of the above list? Not sure if it was meant to be listed twice. I haven’t edited this repeated section)

1.   He or she should be asked

2.  Arrange for your official paperwork

3.  Organize the dress and formal wear as well as the rings

4.  Send the invitations

5.  Get in the car and drive to La Fragne!

Naturally if the bride or groom would like to be more involved in any aspect of the planning instead leaving it to us, we will always be able to accommodate.

All inclusive
Chmabre d'hotes

Wedding program 'All inclusive'

Day of arrival

After the staff have just completed the finishing touches, the first cars are arriving. The staff introduce themselves and assist bringing luggage to the rooms. Everybody is excited and the guests go from one room to the other having fun exploring what will be their new home for the next 3 days. Downstairs on the terrace drinks are being served, but because the weather is absolutely wonderful, soon the whole group will be enjoying their afternoon at the pool with drinks and finger food - lounge music in the background makes the picture complete. Meanwhile, the chef is busy and the steaming pots on the stove promise delicious food for the evening.


The Chateau bell rings and the guests all come downstairs to pick a seat at the beautifully decorated dining table on the terrace, complete with candles and music to add to the magical atmosphere. We serve a 4 course dinner and in between courses there is time enough for an entertaining speech from the father of the bride. After dinner we serve coffee at the beautifully lit fire place; a lovely setting to end this first day with.



For the early birds we have a typical French breakfast: croissants, jams, butter and coffee. Some of the guests enjoy their morning snack in the sun-dappled gardens while the rest are taking an opportunity to sleep-in to prepare for the big day.



Brunch at the pool! A long table has been set and plenty of delicious dishes are displayed on the buffet. Since the hairstylist for the bridal party doesn’t arrive until 1.15pm there is enough time to enjoy the brunch, have a swim, and enjoy quality time with the family!



The hairstylist and the make-up artist just arrived, now the Bride and her party can retire to the Chateau to be pampered.



The vibe around the Chateau is electric with excitement and anticipation! All of the guests are dressed to impress and everybody is anxious for the moment the bride will emerge to walk down the staircase..!


3.30 pm

The music has started! The groom, “armed” with a beautiful wedding bouquet is awaiting his bride at the foot of the stairs, and there she comes! Tissues are at the ready, this is the moment we have all been waiting for!

After photo opportunities are complete, Rose - the celebrant - takes the guests and the groom to the ceremony area and the bride stays behind with her father. As soon as everybody is in place, music begins again and floats through the Chateau gardens, guiding the beautiful bride and her father to the ceremonial altar. Rose now begins the opening words of her warm and personal speech to begin the ceremony...



The marriage has been sealed with a ring and a kiss and champagne with wedding cake is being served. Photos are being taken and best wishes and joyful smiles fill the air.



The pool area is prepared for a wonderful BBQ and the DJ is ready to start. After dessert the sound will definitely turn up a notch and the party under the magical stars of La Fragne will be opened by the wedding couple. Indeed, it will be a night to remember!


Day of Departure


After yesterday’s magic, it’s time to clear everyone’s heads, have a good hearty breakfast and slowly get used to the idea of preparing for departure.

It was a wedding to never forget, have a safe trip home!


Total price based on 20 guests (adults)                                      13.950 euro

Total price based on 30 guests (adults)                                      19.9500 euro



Price per child under 5 yrs old                                                     65,00 euro

Price per child from 5 till 12 yrs old                                              150,00 euro

Price includes the following;

1 extra night for wedding couple, 2 nights for the whole group, 4 course dinner, brunch at the pool, 2 glasses of Champagne after ceremony, French wedding cake, BBQ plus dessert, 2 x breakfasts, drinks on day 1 from 3pm until 11.30pm and day 2 from 11am until 00.30 am, wedding bouquet, wedding book, ceremony by Rose, all musical entertainment during the event days including DJ, hairstylist for 3 people, Make-up artist for the bride, *professional photography from 3.30pm until 10pm on day 2.


When the Chateau is rented for 1 group, we will have 22 beds available. This means that multiple beds are in a room. If couples prefer their own private rooms, we can arrange to book rooms in a hotel in Lubersac. This is only 3 km away from us and all transport can be arranged upon request.

4 course dinner day 1

Discussed with chef according to the total amount of guests attending the wedding


French breakfast day 2 (early birds)


Pain au raisins





Brunch day 2

Cheese boards with Brie, Cantal, St moretz, Boursin, Blue Cheese

Terrines, rillettes, sausages to cut, pate’s


A variety of salads

Different sorts of bread

Pizza for the children


Breakfast day 3

Croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisins, baguettes, bread

Selection of meat cuts

Assorted cheeses

Yoghurts, cornflakes, muesli, cruesli

Milk, fresh orange juice, coffee and tea

Fried or cooked eggs

Fresh fruit



Mozzarella tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette and basil

Fresh melon with serrano ham

Tuna salad

Water melon with pancetta and feta


Sweet potatoes

Rump steak, chipolatas, kebab

Salmon, gamba’s

Selection of breads and butters

All accompanying sauces and condiments

Dessert: warm red fruit crumble cake



Price request

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