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Our 358 year old castle is your home

When you arrive at the Chateau you are immediately embraced by warmth, relaxation and privacy; and you will instantly feel at home. The 5 hectares surrounding the property offer you beautiful terraces, glimpses through to the field with our horses, little hidden seating areas and tiny paths to lead you through the nicely manicured flower gardens, and the swimming pool and its lounge terrace is a true oasis.

The chateau is located 450 km from Paris, close to the A20 running south towards Eastern Spain. The closest big city is Limoges (50 km) which has an airport with a daily connection to England.

For 22 years Chateau La Fragne has been hosting bed & breakfast guests and has built her reputation for organising the most detailed all-inclusive weddings. This wedding concept offers 3 days of pampering and creates unforgettable memories.

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Romantic weddings

If you are considering getting married at a Chateau, then don’t hesitate to contact our wedding team. They can give you all the ins and outs and guide you all the way through this incredible experience for you and your beloved ones. We understand very well that it is quite a challenge to organize your wedding abroad. That’s why we offer our wedding couples an all-inclusive package with no detail spared. We take care of everything!

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